Early Files

150 years ago

Jan. 8, 1870

• Wm. W. Copper, convicted at the March term of the District Court in 1866 of passing counterfeit money, and sentenced May 15th, same year, to pay a fine of $50 and be imprisoned four years, has been pardoned by the President. It is said the pardon was granted on the intercession of citizens residing near Chestertown, where the counterfeits were passed, and on the recommendation of the District Attorney.

• During the storm and rise of the tide Sunday afternoon, Mr. Wm. Vannort, in trying to prevent some lumber at the wharf from being swept away, was thrown into the river by the slipping of a plank, and suffered the inconvenience of an unseasonable bath. He swam ashore, and escaped without injury.

100 years ago

Jan. 10, 1920

• It is not the high cost of living, it's the cost of high living. Who complains at the price of an automobile or gasoline with which to whiz down the road? We hear much complaint of the price of milk, but who kicks at the price of Cocoa Cola or Bevo? Mr. Schauber has a $150 outfit delivering milk while Blackway Bros. carries his "Pop" about in a $3,000 truck. Let's be consistent. 

• Babe Ruth, the great pitcher and champion home-run hitter of the Boston Americans, has been sold to the New York Americans for $125,000, and his salary for baseball services this coming season will not be less than $20,000. 

50 years ago

Jan. 7, 1970

• Two recently elected Chestertown councilmen, as well as the town itself, have been given until January 15 to answer a "show cause" writ, signed last week by Judge George B. Rasin, Jr., why a petition filed on behalf of two defeated candidates, charging election irregularities, should not be heard. The petition was filed on behalf of of Elmer E. Campher and James A. Munson, losing council candidates in the December 8 election. 

• The possibility that the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge would be renamed to honor the late Rachel Carson seems remote with the naming of another such area, stretching 40 miles along the Maine coast, in honor of the well-known naturalist.      

25 years ago

Jan. 11, 1995

• After last-minute wavering, Kent County has put its final stamp of approval on Wal-Mart's controversial plan to build a 107,000-square-foot discount store next to Washington Square.

• Is the curtain finally about to fall on the Campbell Soup Co. plant here? Its engineer says the rumors he has heard sound persuasive. But the plant's manager says the rumors are simply that — just rumors unsubstantiated by anyone in a position to know.

10 years ago

Jan. 7, 2010

• Benjamin Kirby left his mark in a docket book 170 years ago, but he also left his "marker" — that is the feather quill that, as justice of the peace, he used to jot down the spats over debts and the occasional crime. Kirby's quill was discovered by volunteers from the Genealogical Society of Utah, an arm of FamilySearch.org, which began digitizing Register of Wills records here in 2006.

• People who park their vehicles on galena's sidewalks should beware — they could be facing a fine up to $100. "Some people just keep doing it over and over again," said Mayor Harry Pisapia. It becomes an added problem when there is snow, he said.

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