Early Files

150 years ago

June 12, 1869

• We noticed the other day a lot of garbage and other stuff on the lower part of High street, which could not be otherwise than offensive to the residents of that neighborhood. If we mistake not, there is an ordinance against putting garbage on the streets — if so, why is it not enforced? The warm weather is at hand, and cleanliness is necessary to preserve the health of the town.

100 years ago

June 14, 1919 

• A Kent county boy overseas has been sending his mother one-half his allotment regularly until last month. A letter came then to his parents telling them that he had married a beautiful and accomplished French girl who could talk English and asking for the loan of $150 that he might bring her home with him. Needless to say that the money was promptly sent and Kent will be glad to welcome her boy back and also his bride. 

50 years ago

June 11, 1969

• The probability that private interests will construct a new airport in Kent County was reported last week by a study committee of the Kent County Chamber of Commerce. The news was revealed as the committee completed its 90-day study of the possibilities for a general aviation facility in the county. The area reported under consideration by private individuals is in the 6th Election District, and would have a 3,000 foot paved runway and an adjacent industrial park, all within a ten-minute drive of Chestertown.

25 years ago

June 15, 1994

• The Kent County Commissioners have demanded that the Army either close an airfield at Aberdeen Proving Ground or move the tons of deadly mustard agent stored nearby. In a strongly worded letter to Brig. Gen. Walter L. Busbee at APG, the officials agreed with the Maryland Chemical Demilitarization Citizens Advisory Commission that the possibility of a crash poses a serious risk.

• Chestertown now is better armed in the war on joblessness, says Mayor Margo G. Bailey. Its weapons: newfound resources and opened lines of communication between local officials, the banking industry and the state's Department of Economic and Employment Development. All came together Thursday, at the urging of Mayor Bailey, to deal with the impending shutdown of two major employers. About 120 skilled workers will lose their jobs when Schlegel of Maryland and Reynolds and Reynolds Co. cease operations this summer. 

10 years ago

June 11, 2009

• Don't be afraid...to change...to stick your neck out...to fail. That was the message that Ira Smith, a 1985 graduate of Kent County High School, delivered Saturday morning to the Class of 2009 at his alma mater. A former collegiate batting champ who spent 14 years in professional baseball, Smith now 41 and an athletic director in California, talked a lot about failure, about how failure is essentially a prerequisite for success.

• It took nearly five hours Monday night for the board of education to decide that it wasn't going to figure out how to get $2 million in budget cuts. An audience of 50 people was in the central office board room at the 5 p.m. start. The ten or so who remained by 9:45 p.m. heard the board set up another meeting, Saturday at 4 p.m.

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