To the Editor: John F. Kennedy’s powerful charge, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," is, perhaps, one of the most provocative and courageous moral challenges ever uttered by a modern U.S. president. By inspiring the nation in such a way, Kennedy not only stimulated a new generation, he ultimately won the hearts and minds of young and old, black and white Americans, as well as a huge swath of Democrat and Republican party members.

That's leadership!

Sadly, as I listened to last week’s Democratic debates, I sensed Kennedy’s message has been lost. The new mantra seems to be “Let me tell you how much the government will give you if you elect ME."

America needs real leadership, a breath of fresh air in 2020, if it wants an alternative to Donald Trump.

In sharp contrast to the others, I believe three-term Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) stands out as the most uniquely qualified, and possibly, the only candidate who, if she can make it to the primaries, will unseat Donald Trump in 2020.


I believe the time has come for a woman to win the U.S. presidency. Not just as a token female echoing the same old progressive refrains, but someone who can appeal to the American populace based on who she is as well as the strong values she represents. Ms. Gabbard is young, vivacious, relaxed and charismatic while standing for strong moral principles and running on a three-term record of success representing the island state of Hawaii. She has proven her devotion to America through her distinguished service in the U.S. military, both as a soldier and as an officer. She encompasses diversity in many respects, including gender, religion and race.

Candidate Gabbard is articulate, energetic, physically fit, and ready to take on the job of President in much the same way JFK was in 1960. Like JFK, I believe she won the debate, not because of what she had to say, but more because of what she did not need to say.

To top it off, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a well-mannered, polite, respectable human being, flying right into the face of the not-so-nice, lying, immoral, bullying, insult mongering leaders and would-be leaders we now have. Plus, she knows how to hang 10, catch a wave and surf against the odds to win. America would be proud to call Tulsi Gabbard Ms. President!

Get on board! Read up on Representative Tulsi Gabbard. I think you will agree. No hot air, but a warm breeze. No swamp, but a blue lagoon. A new face, a new voice and new, real leadership for America. FRESH AIR!

Mark Einstein

Rock Hall

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