Kent County High School Athletics

EASTON — Underclassmen Alex Joiner and Claire O’Brien earned gold stars for their willingness to swim the most difficult events — the 200 individual medley and the 500 freestyle, respectively.

O’Brien had the best individual finish for Kent County’s girls Jan. 9 at the Talbot County YMCA, second in the 500 free. Then she hopped right back into the pool to join Joiner, Annie Squire Southworth and Caroline Milligan in the 200 free relay that placed second.

Easton’s girls placed one-two in eight of the 11 events for a commanding victory.

The cards were stacked against the Trojans, who only traveled with six girls. They did not enter the 100 butterfly and 400 free relay; had only one entry in the 200 medley relay and 500 free; and de facto had only one entry in another event due to a disqualification.

On the boys side, Easton won 10 events. The Warriors placed second in the only event they didn’t win, and placed one-two or one-three in all but three events.

Kent County’s only first-place finish came courtesy of the boys 200 freestyle relay of Liam Peregoy, Shane Saunders, Matt Rickloff and Andrew Smith. They stopped the timer in 1 minute, 43.09 seconds, more than 3 seconds faster than the runners-up from Easton.

Complete results for the Trojans are printed here.


200 medley relay of Alex Joiner, Claire O’Brien, Caroline Milligan and Kate Ervin, 2:59.25, third.

200 freestyle: Ervin, 3:12.62, third; and Sarah Herron, 3:29.62, fourth.

50 free: Milligan, 34.85, third; and O’Brien, 39.21, fourth.

100 free: Joiner, 1:24.28, third; and Southworth, 1:28.10, fourth.

500 free: O’Brian, 8:28.25, second.

200 free relay of Joiner, O’Brien, Southworth and Milligan, 2:31.25, second.

100 backstroke: Southworth, 1:49.91, third.

100 breaststroke: Ervin, 1:29.34, third; and Herron, 2:03.00, fourth.


200 medley relay of Liam Peregoy, Andrew Smith, Shane Saunders and Matt Rickloff, 1:54.25, second; and Sam Peregoy, Jack Cullum, Ian Walters and Nick Jones, 2:09.69, fourth.

200 freestyle: Saunders, 2:08.75, second; and Nick Jones, 2:22.84, fourth.

200 individual medley: Smith, 2:19.87, second; and Cullim, 2:43.62, fourth.

50 free: Liam Peregoy, 26:16, third; and Rickloff, 27.50, fourth.

100 butterfly: Saunders, 1:04.09, second; and Liam Peregoy, 1:14.00, fourth.

100 free: Walters, 1:07.31, third; and Thomas Martinez, 1:13.56, fourth.

500 free: Jake Jones, 6:37.75, third; and Brandon Bowman, 7:33.50, fourth.

200 free relay of Liam Peregoy, Saunders, Rickloff and Smith, 1:43.09, first; and Nick Jones, Sam Peregoy, Walters and Cullum, 1:53.56, third.

100 backstroke: Sam Peregoy, 1:14.28, third; and Rickloff, 1:19.00, fourth.

100 breaststroke: Smith, 1:12.25, second; and Cullum, 1:17.44, third.

400 free relay of Bowman, Sam Peregoy, Martinez and Jake Jones, 4:40.61, second.

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