To the editor: In response to John Sirna's letter of Aug. 15, Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend in Rock Hall is as advertised "a fantasy weekend." 

Ordinary working people, families, young and old come to Rock Hall for a day to "be different," costumed or not. Families choose their venues from a wide variety. Singles and couples check out Main Street and the vendors, and then head to the beach party or hang around for the music which is everywhere. 

As a shopkeeper on Main Street, I have a front row seat to the event. I saw no "drunks," no "sex," no "outrageous costumes" — just people having a good time. 

Money? Greed? Where? Profits are donated to worthy causes. Greed? Whose greed? The vendors? Who are fortunate if they make a small profit. The shopkeepers and restaurants? Who for the most part have to hire additional help for the weekend at some cost. If they make a profit, they have worked hard for it. 

I can see no evil, no conspiracies inherent in this event, as John Sirna alluded to in his letter to the editor last week. By the way, John, you said belly dancing was being taught — "did you peek?"

Annette May

Rock Hall

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