To the editor: When I was commissioner of Queenstown, I expressed concern in the press about the state and county being ill prepared for a region-wide natural disaster such as a hurricane. Turns out they weren’t prepared.

Then Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. That changed everything at all levels of government. Government established an evacuation plan for Delmarva, which was based on using one of three bridge crossings to get off the peninsula — the Bay Bridge being one of them.

Two problems with that, one being the bridge traffic is stopped when winds exceed 50 mph. The other is that the peninsula is barely above sea level, so road drainage ditches can’t handle intense rainfall events and the roadways become impassable.

With the Atlantic Ocean having temperatures above normal this year, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issuing an advisory that December’s temperature will also be above normal, the roadwork on the Bay Bridge, which will take two years to complete, may severely restrict evacuation efforts if tropical storms continue to develop and come our way.

Perhaps it would be more prudent to hold off the absolutely necessary bridge deck replacement until tropical storm activity ceases for the remainder of this hurricane season.

Peter Robertson


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