To the editor: Racism does exist in Chestertown, surrounding municipalities and the villages in Kent County, hidden under a veil of good intentions, passive aggression and indifference. As we in 2019 pretend not to recognize, while Jamestown may have been the so called first attempt at civilization in America, the same period also ushered in the institution of slavery that still plagues the quality of life for Black citizens and other people of color for 400 years.

We cannot wait on a system that holds us powerless to help us solve our problems and create, develop and formulate solutions that will address our needs.

The Empowerment Council has been formed to identify and address the needs of the Black community and people of color in an effort to provide leadership, strategize and establish a manifesto that outlines our needs and to provide a voice for those who feel they have none.

We have met to begin initial discussions realizing we cannot solve our problems from the same position in which they were entered. In this era of increased insensitivity by the dominant culture and increased radicalized racial rhetoric, there must be clarity in voice and intent in purpose as we speak for ourselves.

Rev. Ellsworth L. Tolliver


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