Ed and Marian Fry place 191 acres of farmland in easement

Fair Hill Farm is the newest conservation easement within the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy. The easement protects 191 acres of agricultural land along state Route 297.

CHESTERTOWN — Fair Hill Farm is the newest conservation easement within the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy.

According to a news release, the easement, completed in conjunction with the U.S. Army and the Maryland Environmental Trust, protects an additional 191.668 acres of agricultural land with scenic value along state Route 297 (Worton Road).

The grantors, Ed and Marian Fry, have now protected more than 750 acres of agricultural land via three conservation easements for their family-owned and operated Fair Hill Farm, an innovative dairy operation, the release states.

“We are so pleased to work with the Trust and the Conservancy to protect our farm, and delighted that these two organizations are working together to protect land in Kent County,” Marian Fry said in the release.

This easement is the 296th for ESLC, which is on track to close its 300th by the end of the calendar year.

Ed and Marian Fry’s dedication to preserving and enhancing farmland, as well as to innovative, sustainable farm practices, is a prime example of conservation at work on the Eastern Shore, the release states.

“Eastern Shore Land Conservancy would like to thank the U.S. Army’s Compatible Use Buffer Program, which provided financial support for the completion of this project,” the release states.

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