To the editor: I was born in 1942, a time when this country was losing in a world war that might well have ended democracy. My family had deep military roots, both Army and Navy.

Even as a small boy it was impossible not to sense the urgency and concern that gripped my family and the nation. One of my earliest memories is of a small statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, corncob pipe, sunglasses and all, on my dresser. In fact, it remained there even as my cousins later served during the Korean War.

MacArthur, though controversial, was a true American hero of three wars.

In 1962, shortly before his death, the Five Star General returned to West Point to receive an award and gave a farewell speech to the Corp of Cadets. In that famous speech he repeatedly emphasized the West Point motto, "Duty-Honor-Country." He said that if they failed to follow the motto "a million ghosts in olive drab, in brown khaki, in blue and gray, would rise from their white crosses thundering those magic words, Duty-Honor-Country."

Today, as we face another serious challenge to our democracy.

It is disheartening to realize that few in Congress or the administration have served in the military, no less, graduated from West Point. However, there is one such graduate, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

Mr. Pompeo seems to have forgotten, not only his oath of office, but those immortal words drilled into him as a cadet. He has allowed himself to be mired in the presidency of a man who has no concept of his public service, no honor and makes a mockery of love of country.

In the coming days, Michael Pompeo will be tested by those million ghosts.

Mr. Secretary, where is your devotion to Duty-Honor-Country?

T. Sergeant Pepper

Still Pond

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