Kent County High School Athletics

WORTON — All head coaching positions have been filled at Kent County High School for spring sports, according to action taken by the board of education at its Feb. 10 meeting.

The first day of practice is Saturday, Feb. 29.

Orientation will be held at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 25 in the auditorium. Orientation is for new and returning athletes and their parents. Attendance is strongly encouraged.

This is an ideal time to meet the coaches, and to find out about their training requirements, practice schedules and expectations for the season.

Athletic Director Kevin Taylor and Principal Dale Brown also will be there.

Athletes are reminded that they cannot practice or participate until they have a completed physical on file at school.

Coaching staffs for spring sports are listed here.

Varsity baseball: Mike Iseman, head coach; Taylor Moore, assistant coach; and Al Olshenske and Bryan Williams, volunteer assistant coaches.

Junior varsity baseball: Jeremy Leach, head coach.

Bocce: Christa Collison, head coach.

Boys lacrosse: Dave Boyle, head coach; Scott Irwin, assistant coach; Carter Miller and Chaz Willis, volunteer assistant coaches.

Girls lacrosse: Ned Southworth, head coach; and Madison Beres, volunteer assistant coach.

Varsity softball: Michelle Phillips, head coach; and Sobaye Scott, assistant coach.

Junior varsity softball: Justin Jenkins, head coach; and Brett King and Bethany Redman, volunteer assistant coaches.

Boys Tennis: Emma Doll, head coach; Michael Wang, assistant coach; and Tony D’Elia and Mark Hower, volunteer assistant coaches.

Girls Tennis: Jessica Arminio, head coach; David Quinn, assistant coach; and K.C. Holland, volunteer assistant coach.

Track and field: Rich Shaw, head coach; Henry Sabetti, assistant coach; and Dan Atadan, volunteer assistant coach.

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