To the editor: I would like the citizens of Chestertown and my fellow council people to ask themselves this question, "Why are the members of the Chestertown Police Department afraid of a merger of the police department with the Kent County Sheriff's Office?"

Are the CPD members concerned they will not be able to measure up to the standards of the Sheriff's Office and live with strict supervision. Are my fellow council members and the mayor afraid they will lose control of their police department? Just what is their motivation? What does control of a police department mean?

The town would save $600,000 to $ 800,00 dollars the first year. This is more money than the county would give the town in a tax rebate in the next five years.

Many people have their own favorite police member and that will not go away but what will go away is the wasted money.

We would get access to a criminal division trained to handle serious crime, modern technologies that the town does not have and cannot afford.

I should have asked these questions years ago when we changed police chiefs. Now is the time. We have that golden moment to make a meaningful change. I hope the council will search their own conscience and do the right thing.

I am in my last few months of a 12-year term in office and have seen the police department cost spiral upward without a matching of enhancement of policing that match the expense.

I would ask the citizens of Chestertown to ask their mayor and their council members now serving or after the new council comes into effect to do the right thing and stop the bleeding of funds that go into maintaining the police department in its present form.

Marty Stetson

4th Ward Councilman


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Me Stetson maybe more people would listen to you if you stop degrading the officers and members of the police department. You behavior is totally uncalled for and furthermore completely unfair. Your political agenda didn’t happen and now

Your throwing a fit about it. Yes the whole

Town knows what your agenda was and who you wanted to be chief.

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