To the editor: First, 250 words doesn’t begin to express the frustration and annoyance with current Bay Bridge\Kent Island traffic.

The six-lane crush at the toll booth — bad at all hours — creates chaos because the far left is moving quicker and everyone wants to move left. This creates the backup. It would be better to do nothing. Two lanes eastbound was never this bad.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday, Kent Island is a quagmire. Bumper-to-bumper traffic on state Route 18 with bridge traffic and locals trying to move west toward state Route t8.

This constant barrage of traffic on locals is and continues to be horrible.

Keep U.S. Route 50 traffic on Route 50. Surely there must be some way to let the locals and first responders have Route 18.

Extremely short acceleration lanes, lanes pinched off, then back, then off again make Route 50 hellish for those traveling west back to Route 8. When Route 18 is swamped with traffic, those wanting to go south on Route 8 could take Duke Street to the Route 50\Route 8 exit lane, to Route 8 South with no effect on bridge traffic while easing traffic on Route 18. This path is now blocked — one less option for trapped Kent Island residents.

To inflict this on the bridge commuters, general traffic and Kent Islanders for two entire years is just outrageous, I would say unacceptable, but I don’t have much say in the matter.

Extending the project from two to 10 years and cutting work down to four days a week or just at night would be more acceptable than the current plan.

Craig Holberger


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