FELTON, Del. — Boasting firsts across the board in events for 15- to 18-year-old boys and a near sweep of races for 13- and 14-year-old boys, Sho’men Aquatics age-group team defeated host Lake Forest in the Nov. 6 opening meet.

The score was 293-225.

Printed here are the top three place-finishers for the Sho’men team, whose longtime home pool is the Casey Swim Center at Washington College.

6 and under boys

25 backstroke: Baylor Lockerman, first; and Grant Yowell, second.

25 freestyle: Lockerman, second; and G. Yowell, third.

7- and 8-year-old girls

100 freestyle relay of Elin Lockerman, Addie Thrift, Caroline Curran and Aurora Gray, first.

25 butterfly: Gray, first; and Thrift, second.

25 backstroke: Lockerman, first; and Thrift, second.

25 breaststroke: Gray, first; and Curran, second.

25 free: Thrift, second; and Lockerman, third.

7- and 8-year-old boys

25 backstroke: Carter Carroll, second.

25 freestyle: Carroll, third.

9- and 10-year-old girls

100 freestyle relay of Aryn Lloyd, Cecelia Smith, Claire Williams and Lula Bramble, first.

25 butterfly: Vivianna Fevola, first.

25 backstroke: Bramble, first; and Smith, second.

25 breaststroke: Bramble, first; and Williams, third.

25 free: Fevola, first; and Bramble, second.

100 individual medley: Fevola, first; and Smith, second.

9- and 10-year-old boys

100 freestyle relay of Carter Carroll, Colton Senigan, Dylan Gott and Rocco Sformo, first.

25 butterfly: Brayden Moore, first.

25 backstroke: John Yowell, second; and Sformo, third.

25 breaststroke: B. Moore, first; and J. Yowell, second.

25 free: B. Moore, first; and Gott, third.

100 individual medley: J. Yowell, first.

11- and 12-year-old girls

200 freestyle relay of Addie Meyer, Madelyn Hopwood, Vivianna Fevola and Peri Overton, first.

50 butterfly: Hopwood, first.

50 backstroke: Overton, second.

50 breaststroke: Overton, first; and Meyer, second.

50 free: Overton, first; and Hopwood, second.

100 individual medley: Meyer, first.

200 medley relay Fevola, Overton, Hopwood and Meyer, first.

11- and 12-year-old boys

50 backstroke: Trey Moore, first.

50 breaststroke: T. Moore, first.

50 freestyle: T. Moore, second.

100 individual medley: Quade Gray, second.

13- and 14-year-old boys

200 freestyle relay of William Meyer, Nate Peregoy, Lynden Saunders and Henry Martinez, first.

50 butterfly: Martinez, first; and W. Meyer, second.

50 backstroke: Martinez, first; and N. Peregoy, second.

50 breaststroke: W. Meyer, first; and L. Saunders, second.

50 free: N. Peregoy, first; and W. Meyer, second.

200 medley relay of N. Peregoy, W. Meyer, Martinez and L. Saunders, first.

15- to 18-year-old girls

50 butterfly: Lily Golden, first.

50 backstroke: Golden, first.

50 freestyle: Golden, first.

15- to 18-year-old boys

200 freestyle relay of Liam Peregoy, Isaac Meyer, Tilghman Overton and Aaron Saunders, first.

50 butterfly: I. Meyer, first; and Nathan Olah, second.

50 backstroke: L. Peregoy, first; and Overton, second.

50 breaststroke: L. Peregoy, first; and I. Meyer, second.

50 free: Olah, first.

100 individual medley: I. Meyer, first; and L. Peregoy, second.

200 medley relay of L. Peregoy, A. Saunders, I. Meyer and Olah, first.

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