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Applauding KCMS students' successes

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CHESTERTOWN — High school and college seniors are not the only students whose graduation ceremonies were altered due to a public health pandemic.

COVID-19 also denied Kent County Middle School’s eighth-graders one of their rites of passage.

Their promotion ceremony would have been held Thursday, June 11. (You can view the eighth-graders’ video on the school’s Facebook page.)

Unlike the Kent County High School Class of 2020, Kent’s eighth-graders will not be able to have a virtual ceremony.

Though this is in no way a substitute for the big deal that deservedly so would have been made about the KCMS Class of 2020, we offer comments from Principal Mary Helen Spiri and a complete list of the award winners.

“The students and families of Kent County Middle School have certainly demonstrated their resilience and commitment to excellence since traditional school was interrupted in March,” Spiri wrote in an email to the Kent County News.

She said staff, students and families discovered new ways of communicating, teaching and learning.

“Using innovative instructional tools and technologies, teachers have found ways to engage students in creative, sometimes daring ways. Throughout this time, parents and guardians have been incredibly understanding, taking time often to affirm the efforts of school staff in making the most of an unexpected situation,” Spiri said.

She said “distance learning” has brought the KCMS community closer together.

“Kent County Middle School is filled with an extraordinary collection of talented young people,” Spiri said. “It is important to us that every student share his or her strengths; an important part of middle school is discovering what those strengths are and developing the confidence to develop and share them.”

Spiri said she and the staff deeply regret that they were unable to honor their students in June awards assemblies as is tradition. But they wanted to share the students’ successes with the community.

Printed here are the honorees.

Straight A’s all year

Sixth grade: Andrew Buckel, Jordana Capp, Haley Clayton, Delilah Markovic, Lynden Saunders, Peter Sine, Garrett Strayer and Alden Swanson.

Seventh grade: Isabelle Anderson, Kate Cannon, Cormac Hamlen, Alexis Harper, Quinn Lindsay, Chloe LoBello and Paige Miller.

Eighth grade: Haylee Bohle, Addison Cross, Lupe Duarte, Aiden Herman, John Hinton, Samantha Jayne, Cy Karlik, Grace Lindsay, Zoe Markovic, Madison Messick, Martin Parrish, Jessica Rosanova, Aaron Saunders and Brayden Walters.

A-B Honor roll all year

Sixth grade: Natalie Arcos, Lillian Babylon, Aubrey Baker, Juliana Carranza, Chloe Chance, Alyssa Chatel, Kaela Covey, Brennen Dean, Tessa Figliozzi, Grace Gerstung, Christopher Gonzales Lopez, Noah Iacona, Love Jackson, Jamison Kendall, Sydney Kim, Abigail LoBello, Sarah McFarland, Victoria McFarland, Andy Messick, Lily Miller, Savanna Reynolds, Brock Sattler, Kelly Sengprassert Galan and Olivia Yiannakis.

Seventh grade: Taylor Allgeier, Heather Bilbrough, Ava Bower, Alayna Brown, Ethan Clark, David Daniels, Madison Davis, Noelle Denney, Terron Dorsey, Jonah Elburn, Nina Fahrman, Hannah Fries, Michaela Hertz, Emily Hocking, Morgan Kendall, Katelyn Kerns, Henry Martinez, Teo O’Brien, Jazmin Peralta, Caleb Pettitt, Andrew Rodgers, Aryan Sharma, Nicolas Stead, Gabriel Stone, Logan Sykes, Rylie Travis, Brianna Turner, Sarah Vujanic and Evan Zottarelli.

Eighth grade: Amaya Barrett, Elizabeth Bilbrough, Emily Blusk, Gillian Bonass, Dyllan Chatel, Drew Davis, Chloe Fowler, Liam Gallo, Miguel Garcia Vasquez, Jacquelyn Grafton, Kamryn Greene, Noe Grigsby, Shawn Hammer, Averie Hitzges, Jaeda Hoxter, Nadia Johnson, Alexa Kendall, Olivia Kendall, Gabriela Mincey, Jack Spray, Brady Sutton and Jackson Walters.

Excellence in mathematics

Sixth grade: Achievement — Jordana Capp, Noah Iacona, Delilah Markovic and Peter Sine. Consistent effort — Zaryah Chisum, Aiden Crouch, Grace Gerstung and Hunter Pinder.

Seventh grade: Achievement — Isabelle Anderson, Ethan Clark, Chloe LoBello and Caleb Pettitt. Consistent effort — Emily Hocking, Nicole Spencer, Jayden Thomas and Evan Zottarelli.

Eighth grade: Achievement — Emily Blusk, Grace Lindsay, Kaydence Russell and Aaron Saunders. Consistent effort —Rachel Hazzard, Malachi Miller, Brady Sutton and Mandy.

Excellence in English language arts

Sixth grade: Achievement —Tye Bellarin, Alyssa Chatel, Brennen Dean, Trent Johnson, Jamison Kendall, Sarah McFarland, Victoria McFarland, Avie Proffitt, Lynden Saunders, Garrett Strayer, Alden Swanson and Kamryn Thompson. Consistent effort — Natalie Arcos, Juan Arrieta, Chloe Chance, Kaela Covey, Kaitlyn Dreisbach, John “Scottie” Ford, Romeo Goldsborough, Kiyan Hynson, Raymond Jerns, Bradley Joiner, Selena Perez and Asia Wilson.

Seventh grade: Achievement — Heather Bilbrough, Kate Cannon, Cormac Hamlen and Aryan Sharma. Consistent effort — Gillian Benson, Angel Cote, Terron Dorsey and Atrevion Wilson.

Eighth grade: Achievement —Addison Cross and Alexa Kendall. Consistent effort — Bre Asia Jackson and Jaci Manning.

Excellence in science

Sixth grade: Achievement — Temani Darden, Aaliyah Dawson, Tessa Figliozzi and Peseth Ing. Consistent effort: — Sydney Bortz, Chase Dolgos, Caleb Henry and Taylor Mangels.

Seventh grade: Achievement — Alexa Hague, Michaela Hertz, Delaney Kimble and Kellan Peet. Consistent effort — Adrian Colon, Thaiera Demby, Kacie Morris and Dylan Supple.

Eighth grade: Achievement — Samantha Jayne and Cy Karlik. Consistent effort — Liam Gallo and Cherish Johnson.

Excellence in social studies

Sixth grade: Achievement — Andrew Buckel, Maddie Dickerson, Lily Miller and Ramon Peteson. Consistent effort — Andrew Baker, Christian Baynes, Abby LoBello and Zulieka Nava.

Seventh grade: Achievement — Alayna Brown, Morgan Kendall, Quinn Lindsay and Kevin Yoc Solis. Consistent effort — Nikayah Jackson, William McBeth, Kayleen Walters and Michael Walters.

Eighth grade: Achievement — Noe Grigsby and Kendall Joyner. Consistent effort — Brayden Batchelor and Drew Davis

Excellence in art

Sixth grade: Achievement — Andy Messick and Kelly Sengpraset Galan. Consistent effort — Logan Butkera and Tessa Figliozzi.

Seventh grade: Achievement — Noelle Denney and Michael Walters. Consistent effort — Kate Cannon and Zayire Johnson.

Eighth grade: Achievement — Haylee Bohle and Brayden Walters. Consistent effort — Maria Marin Valasquez and Ryan Walls.

Excellence in instrumental music

Sixth grade: Excellence — Alden Swanson. Achievement — Lynden Saunders.

Seventh grade: Excellence — Teo O’Brien. Achievement — Ava Bowers.

Eighth grade: Excellence — Aaron Saunders. Achievement — Josephine Kilby.

Director’s Awards: Aiden Herman and Kamryn Greene.

Excellence in technology education

Sixth grade: Hard work and dedication — Thomas Buckel and Kelly Sengprasert Galan.

Seventh grade: Hard work and dedication — Isabelle Anderson and Cormac Hamlen.

Eighth grade: Hard work and dedication — Grace Lindsay and Aaron Saunders.

Excellence in health education

Sixth grade: Outstanding effort and achievement — Emerson Cotton and Sydney Kim.

Seventh grade: Outstanding effort and achievement — Kate Cannon and Rylie Travis.

Eighth grade: Outstanding effort and achievement — Christopher Crouch and Zakai Jones.

Excellence in physical education

Sixth grade: Best performing — Jamison Kendall, Sarah McFarland and Tori McFarland. Best Effort — Jacob “Jeremy” Fries, Kelly Sengpresert Galan and Kaylie Wilson.

Seventh grade: Best performing — Ethan Clark, Alexa Hague and Caleb Pettit. Best effort — Vick Chance, Terron Dorsey and Mya Espinal Pedraza.

Eighth grade: Best performing — Dyllan Chatel, LaShaun Moody and Landon Wallace. Best effort — James Boley, Rashad “Tommy” Brown and Jamiya Christy.

Character Counts!

Trustworthiness: sixth-graders Dae’Nyjah Foreman, Haley Hinefelt, Jack Kirby and Jackson Zabetakis; seventh-graders Terron Dorsey and Ny Auna Lively; and eighth-graders Ariel Purnell and Ryan Walls.

Respect: sixth-graders Tess Fuchs, Eric Fowlkes, Alexandra Hendric and Andy Messick; seventh-graders Isabelle Anderson and Nicolas Stead; and eighth-graders Carly King and Kasie Matthews.

Responsibility: sixth-graders Kamari Hoxter, Laila Johnson, Christopher Gonzales Lopez and Brock Sattler; seventh-graders Ava Bower and Ben Phillips; and eighth-graders Gabby Mincey and Kamron Wiggins.

Fairness: sixth-graders Lillian Babylon, Dusty Faebus, McKenna Messick and DeAndre Sisco; seventh-graders Jordan Mendoza Perez and Emily Norris; and eighth-graders Jaeda Hoxter and DeAndre Redding.

Caring: sixth-graders Benjamin Coleman, Ayannah Pinkett, McKenzie Smith and Dalton Trimble; seventh-graders Jayden Larrier Thomas and Amber Long; and eighth-graders Elizabeth Bilbrough and Malachi Miller.

Citizenship: sixth-graders Aisling Bonass, Thomas Cardona, Nicolas Curtis and Hailey Warrington; seventh-graders Henry Martinez and Kayleen Walters; and eighth-graders Ryan Myers and Jessica Rosanova.

Perfect attendance

Sixth grade: Logan Butkera, Juliana Carranza, Aaliyah Dawson, Christopher Gonzales Lopez, Lily Miller, Lynden Saunders and Kelly Sengprasert Galan.

Seventh grade: Vick Chance, Noelle Denney, Amari Hall, Jayden Larrier Thomas, Nicolas Price and Jonah Somerville.

Eighth grade: Brian Billings, Jacquelyn Grafton, Tatiana Larrier Thomas and Brady Sutton.

The Blue and Gold Trophy is presented to students who have demonstrated exceptional courage during the school year. Courage comes in many forms. These students have modeled for others what is possible with will and determination: sixth-graders Olivia Yiannakis and Logan Butkera; seventh-graders Jerzie Thornton and Adrian Colon; and eighth-graders Maria Marin Valasquez and Jermaine Keeling.

The Trojan Trophy is given to students who demonstrate growth. Award winners may have struggled a bit early in the school year, but have demonstrated the character and grit required to improve themselves and contribute positively to our community. They are: sixth-graders Juliana Carranza and Gavyn Holmes; seventh-graders Taylor Allgeier and Michael Walters; and eighth-graders Jada Wilson and Sean Gallo.

The Principal’s Trophy is given to students who consistently demonstrate excellence in academics, service and character. They contribute to our community in all ways, making KCMS a better place each and every day. The 2019-20 recipients are: sixth-graders Sydney Kim and Andrew Buckel; seventh-graders Kate Cannon and Andrew Rodgers; and eighth-graders Madison Messick and Aiden Herman.

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