Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permit zoning certificates, sediment control permits and use permits were issued by the Kent County Planning Commission.

Fifth District

Dania Fitzgerald, trustee: demolish house via burn; 21921 Scotts Drive, Rock Hall.

Haven Emporium LLC: egress decking and steps; 21140 Green Lane, Rock Hall.

Christopher Naumann: amendment-outside stairs to second-floor storage area; 5316 Crosby Road, Rock Hall.

Margaret Needles: demolish pier; 22005 Kelleys Park Road, Rock Hall.

Robert and Nancy Sipe: install gas stove in house; 4879 Piney Neck Road, Rock Hall.

Carole Tinklepaugh: replacement deck; 20679 Jamieson Road, Rock Hall.

Fourth District

County Commissioners of Kent: demolish pier, piles; Quaker Neck Public Landing, Chestertown.

County Commissioners of Kent: replace pier and 19 piles; Quaker Neck Public Landing, Chestertown.

David and Margaret Dougherty: 10x12 shed; 105 Southgate Drive, Chestertown.

Robin Reed May and Jonathan Reed: selection logging; Worton Road, Chestertown.

Ronald Plummer: 30x40 storage building; 24476 Chestertown Road, Chestertown.

Anna Mae and Dean Wood, trustees: 12x18 three-season room on existing deck; 819 S. Meadowview Drive, Chestertown.

Third District

Greg and Deborah Boege: 280-square foot shed; 11981 Homestead View Court, Worton.

Robert and Lisa Jacob: demolition; 23993 Cliff Drive Ext., Worton.

Robert and Lisa Jacob: deck replacement; 23993 Cliff Drive Ext., Worton.

William and Nancy Littell: relocation of existing shed; 25194 Montabello Lake Road, Worton.

John William Wetmore: 15x24 concrete pad; 10710 Millbrook Drive, Chestertown.

Second District

Bonnie Plants Inc.: Bathroom facility; 12515 Augustine Herman Highway, Kennedyville.

Nicholas and Nancy Silenok: interior renovations, new addition and deck; 14089 Turners Point Road, Kennedyville.

Charles Wallace: demolish house via burn, shed to remain; 26664 Big Woods Road, Worton.

John and Theresa Woodfield: 10x20 shed; 12400 Browntown Road, Kennedyville.

Nancy Ziolkowski: 1,120-square foot pole building; 12835 Rosedale Cannery Road, Still Pond.

First District

Edgar and Tina Dixon: ground-mount solar panels; 33640 Bradford Johnson Road, Galena.

Earl Johnston III: inground pool with pool cover and fenced area; 30787 Chesterville Bridge Road, Millington.

Chris and Louise Megahan: ground-mount solar panels; 31520 Jim Davis Road, Galena.

Michael and Torre Raimer: stairway to pier; 13962 Mill Creek Lane, Galena.

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