To the editor: Once again, Andy Harris has shown his true color — yellow.

As one of the 126 cowardly House Republicans who supported Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s suit to halt certification of Joe Biden’s election by throwing out the results from four battleground states, Harris has chosen to back Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud so as not to incur his wrath.

Harris is obviously more concerned about his political future than he is about our country and our democratic systems. (Fortunately, the Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit.)

I am sure that after Harris has retired from government service, he will look back with pride on his decision, believing that he did his best to defend his constituents’ right to electoral democracy.

No, Andy, you didn’t. You effectively abandoned democracy. I am appalled at what you did and embarrassed to have you represent the district in which I live.

Stan Appel


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