To the editor: I sent a card to the UK today, to my friend Valerie

for her happy birthday, and a buck twenty-five

is all that I paid.

The card and two dollars were left all alone

in my white metal mailbox in front of my home.

The U.S.P.S in their little white truck,

later came over and picked my card up.

The following day they returned with my change

and I never left home, and if all that sounds strange,

it's only that way cause there's no private reigns.

And if privatized, it would be the demise of a proud institution

as old as it’s wise, the heartbeat and thread of community ties.

Who, with love and support will again surely thrive.

But, consider how D.C has tried to derange

my local P.O where they all know our names.

From 2004 to 2006, billions in profits,

exactly six, were earned with hard work,

then came some conflict, caused by both parties who

pulled a mean trick. They passed P.A.E.A

putting gains in a fix. Once in the black,

now in red did it sit, with all of its hard work

and profits elapsed. Blue boxes n sorters

now on the hit list, all in the name of D.C politics.

Mary Henry


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