To the editor: In her letter, “Collusion Illusion” (Kent County News, July 15), local GOP official Tatiana Croissette — in a blizzard of nonsense — denies that Donald Trump is more of a threat to the United States than Karl Marx ever dreamed of being.

Consider, please, Ms. Croissette: The thousands of vandals in the U.S. Capitol smashing windows, doors, heads and laws on Jan. 6. Were they Marxists or Trumpists? That violent mob yodeling through the halls for Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, did they lean toward Marxism or Trumpism? Those Capitol Police officers, were they assaulted by left- or right-wingers?

The answers are obvious.

Ms. Croissette, the biggest threat to our nation is not from obsolete, discredited Marxism but from Mr. Trump, voted soundly out of office on Nov. 3, endlessly regurgitating his Big Lie that the election was stolen and allied with the alt-right — the Proud Boys, Three-Percenters, Oath Keepers, resurgent Klan and other white supremacists, anti-vaxxers, neo-Confederates, QAnon fantasizers and vintage red-baiters such as yourself.

Grenville B. Whitman

Rock Hall

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