To the editor: MacKenzie Brady’s detailed report “Unresolved emotions about future group home; Mayor, council argue over Municipal Building,” Kent County News, Nov. 11, prompts this updated version of the Ten Commandments, dedicated to Rock Hall’s mayor:

1. Thou shalt not tax thy colleagues’ patience.

2. Thou shalt not evade Code-mandated spending restrictions.

3. Thou shalt not steer a contract to the crony of a crony.

4. Thou shalt not reverse thy vote from yea to nay.

5. Thou shalt not exploit the prestige of thy office.

6. Thou shalt not offer empty promises.

7. Thou shalt not opt for expedience over ethics.

8. Thou shalt not pooh-pooh perceived conflicts of interest.

9. Thou shalt not rank heritage tourism over the good of the town.

10. Thou shalt not take thy delegate’s name in vain.

Grenville B. Whitman

Rock Hall

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