To the editor: As our congressman, Andy Harris should be promoting and supporting legislation to improve conditions for his constituents. Matters such as aid to municipalities, health departments and hospitals to fight the Covid virus and economic aid to small businesses and individuals in this time of economic dearth.

Instead of the above, he voted against HR 9051, the bill to increase financial aid to individuals from $600 to $2,000. He voted against the defense reauthorization bill twice — both the original bill and the veto override, thereby demonstrating a lack of support for our military and pay increases to our troops.

Harris does support unconstitutional objections to certifying the legally approved electoral college votes for Joe Biden for president from Pennsylvania and Arizona, despite multiple court challenges against these votes being thrown out of court.

Instead of leading, Harris follows like lemmings off a cliff some 140 partisan Republicans in the ill-fated, undemocratic attempt to disenfranchise millions of legally cast votes in Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Harris then became involved in a shouting match and near physical confrontation on the floor of the House of Representatives on Jan. 7 due to his support of the lie that the election of Joe Biden was fraudulent.

Harris and other Donald Trump sycophants’ support of this lie about a fraudulent election led to the unprecedented siege and attempted takeover of the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

Is this what he was elected to do? To support anti-democratic issues counter to the Constitution? I think not.

I think his performance as a congressman is very lacking.

Andy Harris, please do you job and work to support your constituents and the Constitution.

Dwight Wilmot


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