To the editor: As the likes of Gutfeld, Lemon, Hannity, Maddow, and all the rest entertain us with their shocking monologues, their footage and expert analysis of our troubled world, we remain on the brink of catastrophic courses with our historic foes, Russia and China.

Mounting conflicts with Iran, North Korea and other potential nuclear powers continue to strain relations among ourselves and many of our own allies.

This reality presents a very complex foreign policy scenario for any civic leader, no matter what political flag he or she may choose to fly.

On the home front, we are pitted against one another over the economy, the pandemic, education and more, cheered on by media demagogues and propagandists from the right and the left. Rally cries such as “Fascist," "Marxist," "Racist," "Un-American” are hurled back and forth as weapons, poisoning the very essence of what makes us human — the powers of reason and emotion.

Reason may be defined as the fundamental prospect we rely on to not become biased by feelings and emotion. However, in this hi-tech information age, reason seems to have been supplanted by the propagandists who tell us who we should love and who we should hate. What is right and what is wrong. And although we have the power to turn it off or change the channel, our ability to remain reasonably informed is no match for the corporate entities that manipulate our emotions.

Is it reasonable that a world leader would rally a mob to invade our Capitol last January? Is it reasonable that situations involving burning, looting and vicious attacks on lives and property would be construed as peaceful demonstrations for racial justice? Ask yourself.

America’s only hope is through leadership that possesses the strength to inspire reason and moderation and refuses to pander to extremes on any side.

Mark Einstein

Rock Hall

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