To the editor: I like to pride myself in staying abreast of important issues of the day.

It was with relief that I noted the narrative that had started with Hunter Biden, or was it Benghazi, had moved on to, and then beyond, Dr. Suess.

After reading the letters in the Kent County News, it gave me immense pleasure to learn that racism had been defeated and we could focus our discontent on the misguided “Woke” label being used to maintain activism around racial inequalities. I thought that it might be connected with that awful Black Lives Matters movement.

With this deep thought, I realized that the ugly hydra head of radical liberal defeatism still had not been severed from the body of political thought. The right thought, that is.

It seemed that all we had to do to make the universe whole again, was to follow that yellow haired road. Just don’t look behind the curtain. And with that vision I came to my senses.

The racism that I grew up with, attending a segregated Sudlersville High, is still prevalent within the shore culture. That overt racism evolved with the times, becoming concealed and resented, as it became more socially unacceptable with the advent of political correctness.

But that didn’t stop the resentment seething beneath the surface. Nor did the legislative efforts to create equity solve racism.

I’m not sure why talking about racism, or teaching the history of racism should be a threat. It seems to be viewed as uncomfortable lessons in history. Some would like to forget.

The children might learn that, on the way to becoming the greatest nation on Earth, we committed sins. Does this diminish what we have become?

That we are capable of great injustices is a lesson that should not be forgotten, lest we repeat those evils again.

John Ramsey


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