To the editor: Perhaps rather than laying the economic decline in Kent County at the foot of our schools we can work together to come up with solutions for other issues that Kent County families face that may also be preventing more families from moving to our beautiful county.

For instance,

• Lack of affordable housing;

• Lack of public transportation for local commuters;

• Lack of daycare options;

• Lack of positions with livable wages;

• Lack of options for women's healthcare;

• Lack of pediatric care options;

• Lack of a local facility for giving birth.

Where do our pregnant women go for pre-natal care and to give birth? Where do we take our sick children for specialized medical care? Easton? Annapolis? Baltimore? Christiana?

How do we get there?

Since the last census we have lost 1,000 residents. If we aren't able to provide opportunities and resources to retain our current population, how do we expect to attract more people to come here?

Let's start with showing grace and compassion toward our struggling families. Let's start with using our time, energy and resources to raise each other up.

To our busy, exhausted pandemic parents I don’t want to add to your already full plates but we need you. Our schools need you. Your involvement is life changing for our students.

To our community members looking for ways to give back, please reach out to our schools. Please be patient when you do.

Here are some things that you can do: contribute to our various club boosters, donate supplies to individual classrooms, sign up to be a substitute teacher, attend sporting events and cheer on our students, attend Board of Education meetings, organize a fundraiser, volunteer to read to a class or student, sign up for career day.

If you don’t know who to contact you can email me and I will help you. My email is

I promise you that being in our schools will have substantially more impact on you and our children than anything you may read about our schools in these letters.

Please come inside, you are welcome.

Francoise Sullivan

Board of Education

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