To the editor: I recently attended a local youth football game.

Since the league has few funds, the home team provides the referee. In the last minute of the game the home team was losing by 3 points. The home team coach talked to the referee and then sent in the field goal unit. As time expired the home team kicked a field goal.

“Field goals kicked by the home team in the last minute of the game are worth 4 points, not 3,” announced the referee.

The home team claimed victory and went to the locker room.

The visiting team coach approached the referee and said, “Since when are field goals kicked by the home team in the last minute of play worth 4 points. We kicked one in the first half and it was only worth 3 points.”

“Sorry,” said the referee. “I can make changes to the rules anytime I want, at my sole discretion. Fairness does not figure in the calculation of what I do with the rules. I can change rules for my own advantage, and I favor the home team. Too bad.”

By the way, this referee’s name is Mitch McConnell.

Bob Scofield


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