To the editor: We the officers and alumnus of the historic Centreville High School located on Chesterfield Avenue in Centreville that now houses the Queen Anne’s County Board of Education offices have recently found out via QACTV on YouTube through an interview by Fred McNeil with Jim Moran, president of the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners in which Mr. Moran reported that the county had received a grant in the amount of $15 million to either rehab the present Board of Education building or build a new one next to the county building across from the Acme shopping center.

The old building (Centreville High School) is to be demolished!

He did not say if he had the support of the rest of the commissioners or the community. Just that it was going to happen. This interview is on YouTube if anyone would like to see it.

A little bit of history on CHS, in 1892 there was a committee formed to start working on getting a new school built in Centreville. It took some time to finally get this done, (amazing that nothing has changed over the years).

A contract was signed on February 22, 1900 to start construction of the school. On April 2, 1901, the School Board instructed the Examiner to occupy the High School and open for school work on Tuesday, April 9. The first graduation was in June,1903 until our last graduating class which was in June,1966, when all classes would resume at the new Queen Anne’s County High School.

We the officers and alumni members consider our school to be of historic value and we do not want it to be demolished, we know it needs repairs done to it (that should have been maintained over the years).

If we are just going to start demolishing our older buildings, what is next? Our historic courthouse in the center of Centreville? After all we are the County Seat of Queen Anne’s County.

We are asking for everyone’s help to keep this from happening.

If you would like to prevent the demolition of Centreville High School, please send a short message to

Eugene Higgs


William Sharp

Vice President

Jane Coppage


Patsy Mock


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