The Washington baseball club was back in the World Series again. They were just in it in 1933, so anyone approximately 100 years old would have seen this before.

I know how this feels since I saw the Baltimore Orioles in the 1983 World Series and may not see them again until I'm 100 (2050). I'm assuming 2050 won't also be a "rebuilding" year and that Chris Davis' contract will finally be over.

When the (then) Senators won the American League pennant in 1933, crowds stormed the locker room and the Nats' boy-manager Joe Cronin had to be escorted out onto the field to get away from the fans.

However, it was Lady's Day at the ballpark and hordes of young women assaulted the handsome Cronin until he was finally rescued by a policeman who physically carried him out of the ballpark.

Alas, their opponent in the Series were the New York Giants, who featured future Hall of Famers Mel Ott and Carl "King" Hubbell, he of the legendary screwball. These two proved to be too much for the Senators and they went down four games to one.

But none of those losing Senators are on the current squad so there shouldn't be any negative memories in the clubhouse.

This Series netween the Nationals and Houston Astros was being billed as a pitcher's battle with three Cy Young winners on the mound for the respective teams: Max Scherzer (Nationals), three times; Jason Verlander (Astros) once; and Zack Greinke (Astros) once. Scherzer, Verlander, Greinke, Gerritt Cole (Astros) and Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) were also first-round draft picks.

In contrast, the 1966 World Series between the Orioles and Los Angeles Dodgers featured three pitchers with a combined seven Cy Young winners: Sandy Koufax (Dodgers), three; Don Drysdale (Dodgers), one; and Jim Palmer (Orioles), three.

Cy Young, by the way, never won the award named after him but did win three games in the 1903 World Series.

Early in this year's Series, the Nationals got out to a 2-0 Series lead by beating the Astros aces, Cole and Verlander. Many people were shocked that the Nationals beat Cole since he hadn't lost a game in five months.

They shouldn't have been.

For while the World Series is considered by many to be the pinnacle of baseball success, it's not by everyone. For instance, my fantasy baseball team won — again — the prestigious Acorn League championship this year.

One of the key components of my team was Cole. Cole may very well be feeling somewhat of a let down after helping the Muddogs to another World title.

This may also explain the less than stellar performances of Muddogs Clayton Kershaw and Cody Bellinger in Major League baseball's playoff system. After reaching the acme of success in the Acorn League I'm sure the players felt the need to take some time off.

This is the second straight year the Muddogs have won the coveted crown. The championship trophy is a tasteful 2 feet tall, topped by a guy in a Barcalounger with a remote control in his hand.

This has made some of the other teams call for the league to "break up the Muddogs." This is mainly voiced by the sore losers in the league who basically were playing for second place all year long.

I expect calls for my impeachment next.

Meanwhile, the Nationals get to celebrate their own Series win. 

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