Early Files

150 years ago

Nov. 18, 1871

• Several measures were proposed at the last session of Congress for the proposed new apportionment for members of that body, but no law was passed upon the subject. A full house consists of 243 members. Congress may increase the number so that no State will lose, but in this case the new and growing States will increase their membership.

100 years ago

Nov. 19, 1921

• All roads lead to Washington College, where the big Community Fair started Thursday and will close today. This year marked the first time that poultry has been exhibited at the Community Fair. The poultry exhibits are stationed in the Gymnasium's basement, and there are more than 300 in all.

• The Bell Telephone System has mapped out a system by which it was possible to hear President Harding's address, and other ceremonies at Arlington, on Friday all over the nation. A "loud speaker" made all sounds perfectly audible to those present, while additional equipment relayed it across the continent.

50 years ago

Nov. 17, 1971

• Half a propeller from the mighty Martin Mars, largest flying boat of its time, which went down off Swan Point in September 1945, was brought to the surface by S. Glyn Edwards with his patent tonging rig last week. The mars, being readied for passenger service to Hawaii, had steering trouble and the pilot was trying to maneuver it with the engines when it crashed into the bay. None of the crew was injured as the big air boat hit the water but the plane was a complete loss.

• John W. Sause, Jr., of Queen Anne's County, has been named public defender for the Second Judicial Circuit under the new law effective January 1. Mr. Sause, 38, is president of the Queen Anne's County Bar Association.

25 years ago

Nov. 21, 1996

• The Federal Aviation Administration has sent the county its strongest signal yet that a planned airport in Worton is in serious doubt. The problem: ponds near the site that are visited by migratory birds each year. Last fall, the FAA said the birds might pose an unacceptable risk to airplane traffic — a warning it has just repeated and clarified in a meeting with a county advisory group.

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