Early Files

150 years ago

Jan. 14, 1871

• Snow fell here on Sunday last to the depth of about three inches, which afforded fair sleighing for two or three days. As usual on such occasions there were trials of speed on Monday and Tuesday afternoons between some of the fastest horses in this vicinity, the main street of the town being selected for the purpose, which were witnessed by a large number of persons.

• The store house occupied by Mr. E.F. Boyer, and shoe shop adjoining, occupied by Mr. Samuel Johnson, at Sudlersville, were destroyed by fire on Monday night of last week. It seems that Mr. Boyer in attempting to draw gasoline oil by candle light got some of the fluid on his hand which caught fire and communicated with the barrel of oil, which exploded, wrapping the building in flames. Mr. Boyer, however, succeeded in getting the larger part of his goods out, and looses but little upon which there was an insurance.

100 years ago

Jan. 15, 1921

• The News heartily commends President-elect Harding for wanting and being promised an inaugural without celebration. At his request plans for parade and ball are abandoned and the oath will be administered in the Senate chamber.

50 years ago

Jan. 13, 1971

• Two legislators from Kent left today for the 1971 session of the Maryland General Assembly. R. Clayton Mitchell Jr. is the newly elected member of the House of Delegates from Kent. Elroy G. Boyer, although a veteran of the legislative halls, takes on a new assignment as a member of the Senate representing Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot and Caroline.

• McCrory's, a well-known, nationwide chain of general merchandise stores, is seen as the successor to Fox's Department Store and Toyland on High Street, Chestertown, which has just ended the first week of a liquidation sale.

• Teen-agers, 18 years and up, may now register to vote in Kent County, according to Julian Crew, president of the Board of Election Supervisors. However, at present time any such registrants would be permitted to vote only in elections involving national office.  

25 years ago

Jan. 12, 1996

• Believe it or not, folks, it could have been far worse. The blizzard of '96 sent Kent, like the rest of Maryland and most of the East Coast, reeling. The storm slammed into Kent County in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, its arrival heralded by a falling barometer, soggy winds, bitter cold and a sky filled with what weathermen call storm optics — peculiar swirls of clouds and halos. By the time it was over, Kent was buried under more than a foot of snow. 

10 years ago

Jan. 13, 2011

• Betterton's new town offices are open for business. Council members and volunteers moved the town's office equipment, furniture and files to the new Betterton Community Center in the former Most Precious Blood Catholic Church, on Dec. 27.

• An Elkton man was released from the hospital Sunday after accidentally shooting himself in the head while deer hunting last Friday morning. The accident took place at a farmhouse off Galena Road. The man was checking his muzzleloader when it went off, wounding him in the head.

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