150 years ago

July 30, 1870

• An arrangement has been made between the contractors and the Kent County Railroad Company, which went into effect on Monday last, for carrying the mail between Townsend and Kennedyville. The stage which ran between Middletown and Chestertown now makes connection from the latter place with cars at Kennedyville. By this arrangement we receive the Baltimore mail at three o'clock, P.M., instead of six, as heretofore, which is highly appreciated by our citizens.

100 years ago

July 31, 1920

• While threshing wheat on a farm near Locust Grove, Louis Miller was badly scalded about the arms and body. He unscrewed the covering on the radiator of the tractor, causing boiling water to spurt over him. He is in a precarious condition.

• The collapse of the wheat market to $2.52 per bushel has been a great disappointment to Kent farmers. 

50 years ago

July 29, 1970

• "Shark! Shark!" That was the cry last Thursday when an eight-footer turned up in the haul seine net of Capt. Avery Ashley's crew off Ringgolds' Point.

• A 42-foot cabin cruiser burned and sank off Howell's Point, near Betterton, Sunday morning, but all aboard were rescued by a second cruiser. The cause of the fire, discovered at 10:35 a.m., was unknown.

• U.S. Air Force Airman First Class Leslie C. Price. son of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt T. Price, Boundary Ave., Rock Hall, is on duty at Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam. Airman Price, a security policeman, is assigned to the 37th Security Police Squadron, a unit of the Pacific Air Forces, headquarters for air operations in SoutheastAsia, the Far East and the Pacific area. 

25 years ago

July 26, 1995

• In a world of fax machines, car phones and satellite TV, the simple pleasures of the Kent County Fair take on greater value. Just walking onto the grounds of the Kent County Agricultural Center, where young people tend farm animals, relax or join friends in easy conversation, the pace of life seems slow.

• Nibbles by several prospective tenants have raised hopes that the Campbell Soup Co. plant here will not remain empty for long. The Campbell plant is slated to close by September, leaving 240 workers to seek new jobs in a flat economy with relatively high unemployment.

10 years ago

July 29, 2010

• Solar power is coming to Worton. Commissioners Roy Crow, William Pickrum and Ron Fithian said they signed a sale contract last week with Fairweather Team Inc. One 2-acre industrial park lot sold for $176,035, with an option on two more lots of 2.4 acres and 2.6 acres. One condition is to change zoning to allow solar power generation.

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