150 years ago

Oct. 15, 1870

• The final sitting of the Registers, to complete the correction of the registration lists, will take place on Monday and Tuesday, the 24th and 25th instant. All who have not registered should attend at the appointed time, and have their names placed on the lists, or they will lose their votes in November.

• William Lusby, son of Mr. John Lusby, of this county, came near losing his life by the accidental discharge of a gun on Monday last. It seems that he was out hunting in company with Mr. Jas A. Russell and others, and while standing near together the gun in the hands of Mr. R. went off half-cocked, the load grazing young Lusby's back and a part of entering his left arm.

100 years ago

Oct. 16, 1920

• Judge Lewin W. Wickes has resigned as President of the Board of Visitors and Governors at Washington College. He consented to defer action until the quarterly meeting in April when a successor will be elected. All true friends of Washington College regret this decision of Judge Wickes as he has given to the college conscientious, unbiased, faithful and tireless service.

• From the American Straw Board Co., Chestertown: We have reason to believe fish are being caught by facilities other than hook and line. This is to inform the public that net fishing of any description is forbidden in said pond, and the law will be enforced against any and all violators o this regulation. A word to the wise should be sufficient.  

50 years ago

Oct. 14, 1970

• Grain poured from toppled cars and a section of track was ripped at Massey Monday evening when Penn Central freight coming south on Queen Anne's branch was derailed. Officials of the line said the accident caused no injuries and service of the Kent branch was not disrupted.

• Chestertown's Mayor and Council, at its September meeting, adopted an official seal, something it has never had in the 264 years since it was founded back in 1706. The seal, designed by the staff of the Kent County News, was presented to the Council by Mayor P.M. Brooks, Jr., and adopted as official. In the future it will appear on the town's stationary, official documents and become part of the town flag. 

25 years ago

Oct. 13, 1995

• The mayor and council have decided to use Internet, the worldwide web, to lure economic development and tourism to Chestertown. Mayor and Council voted 5-0 last week to sign on with Cove Software Systems, Inc. of Grasonville for a one-year trial period. For $42.50 a month, the town will be included on Cove's "home page" for the Eastern Shore.

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