Early Files

150 years ago

Oct. 7, 1871

• Gov. Ponder, of Delaware, has offered a reward of $200 for the arrest and conviction of Charles White, accused of murdering James Mehawney, near Middletown, some time ago.

• An express agent on a New York railroad heard such a racket in a coffin destined for Rochester that he felt authorized to open it and the result was that the supposed dead lady was returned alive to her husband in Wisconsin.

100 years ago

Oct. 8, 1921

• The storm of last Friday afternoon did considerate damage in certain sections. The roof of Black's creamery was blown off and some of the siding. William Graves' stable was unroofed and a small house at the depot blown over into Mr. Deshane's field. Corn shocks were scattered all over fields. At Georgetown several large trees were laid low.

• The two-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hague, of Morgnec, fell in a 34-ft. well on Thursday last. P.A.M. Brooks and W.S. Collins were coming along the public road at the time and helped get the youngster out. After being taken out of the well and doctored up a little the little one showed no bad effects except being badly frightened.

50 years ago

Oct. 6, 1971

• Federal funds for the employment of town personnel to administer Chestertown's housing plan may be forthcoming, as the Mayor and Council learned at their meeting Monday night. The funds, made possible through the Emergency Employment Act of 1971, would allow at least a year's close work with the town's new housing and building codes, as well as fire and electrical codes. A plumbing code has not yet been enacted.

25 years ago

Oct. 3, 1996

• A dozen county workers have been subjected to surprise random drug testing under new rules aimed at ferreting out any illicit substance use by Kent's public employees. 

10 years ago

Oct. 6, 2011

• Chestertown is looking for a new police chief. Town Manager Bill Ingersoll announced at the Monday town council meeting that Chief Robert Edler is planning to retire. A 24-year veteran of the force, Edler was appointed chief in April 2009 after a year as acting chief following the retirement of Walter Coryell.

• The Queen Anne's County Commissioners last week voted 5-0 to test the waters for building a replacement for the circa 1791 circuit courthouse. They agreed to establish a citizens committee that would look into alternative financing and to have county staff formulate a Request for Proposals to solicit businesses interested in creating a concept plan for the new building.  

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