Early Files

150 years ago

Nov. 19, 1870

• The result of the election in this congressional district, with a handsome majority in every county for Col. Hambleton, aggregating 3,966, has exceeded the expectations of that gentleman's most sanguine friends.

• The largest potatoes we have seen this season were raised by Mr. Wm. F. Baker on a town lot. One of those sent to us weighed 1½ pounds, and the others were nearly as large.

100 years ago

Nov. 20, 1920

• The election is over. The people have spoken and a new administration is in the offing. He is our president now, and he shall have our loyal support. But we are not writing to discuss the new President. We are thinking of a lonely man who now inhabits the White House. He is broken in health, and wounded in heart.

• A drive is contemplated for $250,000 for Washington College. Plans are being formulated for the rejuvenation of this excellent institution and its friends are coming to its rescue.

• Owing to a lack of attendance, the School Board has closed a number of the rural schools, and is advertising for bids for transporting the children to other schools.

50 years ago

Nov. 18, 1970

• Sam (or Samantha) is a red-eyed albino bird found along the highway by Allen Pinder. It is difficult for a layman to identify this creamy red-eyed specimen with no markings or clues to its heritage. There are some characteristics of the female boat tailed grackle in the bill.

• Charles Glasser, 64, was arrested at his Dawnwood Farm home, near Betterton, shortly after noon today and charged with the shotgun slaying of Gary Francis Barrick, 32, on the night of Sunday, November 1. Glasser, on November 9, reported to police that a shotgun blast had been fired through his living room window. This was about 6:30 p.m. Barrick was killed almost instantly when struck in the neck area by a charge from a shotgun which went through a screen and a window. Immediately after his arrest, Glasser was taken to the Centreville State Police Post for fingerprinting and photographing. He will be returned to Kent County Jail.

25 years ago

Nov. 17, 1995

• A circuit court judge has warned Wal-Mart that the discounter may have to start all over again in its three-year drive to build a megastore just beyond Chestertown's Washington Square shopping center. For the time being, said Judge Dexter M. Thompson Jr., the discounter cannot move forward before he has decided whether the Kent Planning Commission followed proper procedure in giving the discounter site plan approval. His preliminary finding: the commission was "inadequate" in its procedures.

10 years ago

Nov. 18, 2010

• Easy on the gas pedal; speed cameras are coming to town. At their Monday meeting, the Chestertown Mayor and Council heard representatives of RedSpeed, the company providing the cameras, describe the town's new speed enforcement system.

• At their Tuesday meeting, the Kent County Commissioners adopted a home sprinkler ordinance requirement by a 2-1 vote. Sprinklers are mandatory for spec houses or developments, but optional for custom-built houses, and the planning office would have to sign off before approving a building permit. 

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