CHESTERTOWN — Continuing a graduation season that spoke to the benefits of growing up in a small county, during Kent County Middle School’s promotion ceremony Tuesday morning Principal Mary Helen Spiri told students the KCMS staff would always be there to support them.

“Please, please remember how loved you are,” Spiri said to her graduates. “Next year, if things get tough, and you’ve not yet had time to form relationships with adults at the high school, please reach back to us. We are here for you even when you don’t see us every day. We love you, plain and simple. Use that love to become even more extraordinary.”

Spiri encouraged the 135 rising freshmen to remember who they are as they enter high school. She said while more opportunities will be offered there, they may be pressured into making bad decisions too.

“Don’t get sucked into something that doesn’t reflect who you are or who you want to be. This isn’t to say you are not fully developed or without flaws you should not be working on addressing or that you should not be experimenting with new positive experiences. I hope you guys will try everything positive you can,” Spiri said.

In a speech that highlighted the academic achievements of the Class of 2019 as well as praised the students for their humor and athleticism, Spiri asked graduates to stand and remain standing as she listed things they had accomplished this year. By the time she was finished, more than half the class was standing.

Spiri also awarded six “special trophy awards,” three each for male and female students. For the Blue and Gold Award and the Trojan Award, the middle school staff nominated students and after discussion selected the recipients.

The Blue and Gold Award, given to students who “demonstrate exceptional courage during the school year,” was presented to McKenzie Weaver and Jaylin Whye.

Chloe Dierking and Gabe Voshell received the Trojan Award for students who demonstrate growth. “Trojan Award winners may have struggled a bit early in the school year, but have demonstrated the character and grit required to improve themselves and contribute positively to our community,” Spiri said, reading from the promotion ceremony program.

Spiri choose the recipients of the Principal’s Award, given to a female student and a male student who “consistently demonstrate excellence in academics, service and character.” Liberty Sampson and Will Maier are the 2019 recipients.

Each year students also are recognized by their teachers for their achievement and growth in all subjects offered at KCMS. This year’s winners are listed here.

Math: Stephanie Hogan, Ryan Miller, Brooklyn Usilton, Kennedy Walters, Amoni Wilson and Jacob Wintermyer.

Science: Brianna Cummings, Jade Lee, Madison Pekera and Alycia Wilson.

Language arts: Brandon Cannon, Alexis Mitchell, Fletcher Rodgers and McKenna Sweetman.

Social sciences: Chloe Hylton, Caitlyn Price, William Vela and Cody Vickers.

Spanish: Brandon Cannon, William Goetz, Angel Llamas, Madison Pekera, William Maier, Brayden Wallace, Jaylin Whye, Liberty Sampson and McKenna Sweetman.

Health and physical education: Zoe Eisenhart, Lacy Ervin, Aaliyah Houston, Jade Lee, Jorge Nava Lopez, Jamar Ringgold, William Vela, Gabe Voshell, Kennedy Walters and Jacob Wintermyer.

Students who were measured with the most steps overall: Jacob Bohle, James Brown, JaKai Cooper, Chloe Dierking, Jackie Hendrick, Stephanie Hogan, Ryan Lee, Trevor Metzger, Sam Peregory, Caitlyn Price, Destiny Smith and Dominique Sudler.

Arts: Alex Bellarin, Ryan Miller, Alexis Mitchell and Samantha Truax.

Theater: Jacob Bohle, Savannah Gowdy, TaMiyah Lewis and Mason Piasecki.

Band: Carl Demby, Jayden Ringgold and Jacob Wintermyer.

B&B Award, named for the company that provides instruments for KCMS: Lacey Ervin and Stephaine Hogan.

Students also received awards for each of the six pillars of character as outlined in the Character Counts! program.

Those winners are: Angel Llamas and Lacy Ervin, trustworthiness; Joey Shaw and Jordyn Grove, respect; Jaylin Whye and Jackie Hendrick, responsibility; Kenny Matthews and Isabella Blackburn, fairness; Matthew Fries and Madison Piasecki, caring; and Joey Nuse and Megan Moore, citizenship.

Megan Moore, Julian Myer and Rachel Heldmyer also were recognized for having earned the most services hours. Additionally, Jackie Hendrick and Maritza Lopez Vazquez were recognized for their perfect attendance.

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