QA's unveils new brand encompassing 'Shore living'

GRASONVILLE — Queen Anne’s County unveiled a new, adaptable brand Thursday, Sept. 23, designed to encompass the many facets of “Shore living.”

“When reviewing various marketing concepts, a common theme was that we have something unique in Queen Anne’s County. We are selling the Eastern Shore lifestyle,” said Commissioner Chris Corchiarino, who was present at the Prospect Bay Country Club Thursday morning for the unveiling. “I think the new branding captures that feeling and provides an opportunity to deploy the concept across multiple platforms.”

The distinctive, stylized “Q” logo, meshed with blues and greens, illustrates the county’s “deep connection to and interrelationship of land and waterways,” according to a style guide made available to The Bay Times. The county commissioned Choptank Communications with funds from a USDA Rural Development grant to create and design the new brand.

Along with approval from the commissioners, the final product was the result of a five-month research and outreach plan that included online surveys, focus groups, and input from community and business leaders. According to a news release, by the end of the data-gathering period, five focus groups were questioned and approximately 300 resident surveys were submitted.

In addition to the agricultural and aquatic connections on the “Q,” participants that weighed in on the brand also found connections to the Bay Bridge, one of the county’s benchmark impressions, Economic and Tourism Development Director Heather Tinelli said in an interview.

“They saw things that maybe I didn’t appreciate before, or didn’t see, or weren’t the reasons why I thought somebody would live here or move here,” said Tinelli, who has lived in Queen Anne’s her entire life. “It opened my eyes completely.”

Though Tinelli had not anticipated all of the feedback she received and the connections community members had with the brand, the county’s new tagline — “Where Shore Living Begins” — was intentionally designed to easily incorporate any number of county characteristics.

Variations on the tagline include, “Where Shore Ventures Begin,” “Where Shore Memories Begin,” and “Where Shore Business Begins,” the latter of which has been adopted by the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce.

“'Where Shore Living Begins' invites individuals to live in, work or visit Queen Anne’s County and experience the best of two worlds: an Eastern Shore lifestyle with unparalleled access to ‘big city’ amenities,” Tinelli said. “Valuing our natural resources, rich heritage and outstanding quality of life, it celebrates what makes Queen Anne’s unique.”


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