January trial set for H2Oi driver charged in Bay Bridge stunt

A Virginia driver faces charges for an alleged stunt on the Bay Bridge during heavy traffic.

CENTREVILLE — The driver facing charges for allegedly doing doughnuts on the Bay Bridge in September will stand trial in Queen Anne’s County in January.

Gary Ray Montague Jr., 22, of Dumfries, Virginia. is accused of burning out in his Nissan sports car on the westbound bridge amid heavy traffic on Sept. 27. Montague appeared in district court earlier this month to get his trial date and is expected to appear again for trial at 8:45 a.m. on Jan. 11.

Bystander videos of the 22-year-old’s alleged burnout circulated among thousands on social media in September and quickly attracted the attention of local law enforcement officers, whose investigation into the incident found that Montague was the car’s registered owner.

Police suspected the car’s driver had just left Ocean City, which hosted the H2Oi car meetup on Sept. 26, the day before Montague’s alleged burnout. After footage of the stunt went viral online, the H2Oi community came together to raise roughly $1,800 for Montague.

Police identified and charged Montague the day after the incident on Sept. 28. He is charged with three counts of disturbing the peace, one count of disorderly conduct and 23 traffic violations.

The traffic charges Montague faces, which amount to almost $3,000 in fines, include reckless driving, willfully damaging a highway and driving a motor vehicle in a manner intended to cause skidding, according to an outline of the charges in court documents.

Details of the case were not discussed during the hearing this month and an attorney for Montague had not yet been entered into the record. Montague appeared by himself in court and did not comment on the case against him.

Of Montague’s alleged stunt, Queen Anne’s State’s Attorney Lance Richardson previously said that he had “never seen anything this moronic before as far as conduct on the Bay Bridge.”

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