Greensboro welcomes Gregg Glasel as new police chief

Greensboro Police Chief Gregg Glasel is seen here at his swearing-in ceremony on July 1. He was joined by his daughter Haylee Glasel.

GREENSBORO — The Town of Greensboro is proud to welcome Gregg Glasel as its new chief of police. Glasel was sworn-in at the July 1 town council meeting, where he assumed leadership for the five-member department.

“It’s my honor to welcome Chief Glasel to the Town of Greensboro,” said Greensboro Mayor Kevin Reichart. “With his experience and leadership in law enforcement, focus on community engagement and transparency, combined with great integrity and vision, I am confident he will be a great chief of police. I am proud of our police team and excited for the future under Chief Glasel’s direction.”

Glasel has 32 years of law enforcement experience. He retired as a captain after 25 years with the Miami-Dade Police Department in Florida, where he held a variety of roles, including Captain — Forensics Services Bureau, District Captain, Captain — Fiscal Administration Bureau and Captain – Special Patrol Bureau. Glasel also has experience working in small and rural departments and communities.

“After a long career with a large department, I am thrilled that my next chapter has brought me back to a small, rural department where I can share my experience with younger officers and the community we serve,” Glasel said. “The Greensboro Department is strong and professional, and I look forward to making it better through expanded training and securing new equipment and resources.”

Glasel also spoke about his shared commitment to community policing, transparency and accountability.

“I believe that law enforcement should work in partnership with the community to transparently solve problems and promote public safety for every resident, business owner and visitor. I am so appreciative of the warm welcome I have received thus far, and I am excited to make Maryland’s Eastern Shore my home,” he said.

“Chief Glasel is committed to getting to know our residents, our businesses and the challenges and opportunities we face,” said Greensboro Town Commissioner Brandon Cunningham. “He wants to gain the trust of our community as well as our surrounding towns. He wants all of our citizens to understand the police are here to serve and protect everyone. Chief Glasel could have spent his retirement doing anything, but he has chosen to continue his service in Greensboro, and we are all looking forward to working with him.”

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