Andy Harris wants Biden to resign, Blinken impeached over Afghanistan retreat

CHESTERTOWN — A spray-painted sheet serving as a condemnation of President Joe Biden hangs Thursday evening, Aug. 26 from the community sign maintained at the Peoples Bank on Washington Avenue. The top left sign that had been in place is seen lying on the ground. Someone hung the banner in the late afternoon or early evening and it was down by around 8 p.m. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md.-1st, has joined other conservatives in calling for President Joe Biden to resign and for the impeachment of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken over the chaotic exit from Afghanistan.

Biden, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence and diplomatic agencies are all being faulted for the American retreat from the 20-year including the closing of air bases before evacuations and failures to anticipate the quick fall of the Afghan military to the Taliban after U.S. air and intelligence support were pulled back.

Harris — represents the Eastern Shore and is a supporter of former President Donald Trump — has introduced an impeachment resolution against Blinken after an attack attributed to the ISIS K insurgent group killed 13 U.S. troops and scores of Afghans in attacks outside the chaotic Kabul airport.

“The Biden Administration’s handling of Afghanistan has been an unmitigated catastrophe. This preventable tragedy rests solely on the shoulders of President Biden and his Administration, and in particular the Secretary of State. We are the most powerful nation on the planet, and we must make clear to the Taliban that we will stay to get our people out as long as that takes. Secretary Blinken’s complete and utter failure of managing this avoidable catastrophe makes him unfit for leadership, and I hope my colleagues will join me in pushing for his removal,” Harris said.

The impeachment push has slim chances of progressing in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

Harris has joined some conservative Republicans in calling for Biden to step down after the attacks and other missteps and miscalculations with the U.S. exit.

The Pentagon and U.S. president have made statements that have turned out poorly including Biden’s July remarks that Kabul will not look like the fall of Saigon.

“Instead of making sure Americans and our troops are safe in Afghanistan, the President spent countless hours this week twisting congressional arms to vote for his $5 trillion tax and spend plans. Unbelievable. Resign,” said Harris via Twitter.

Harris’ remarks are in tandem with some other conservative calls for Biden’s resignation or impeachment over troubles with the U.S. retreat from the war. They come in a political atmosphere of frequent calls for former President Donald Trump to resign or be impeached.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump twice — including after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The Senate failed to convict Trump in both impeachments.

Biden administration officials have brushed aside the calls for resignations and impeachments from Trump backers and conservatives.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said GOP calls for resignations over the Afghanistan exits are partisan politics.

“I would say, first, this is a day where U.S. service members — (13) of them — lost their lives at the hands of terrorists. It’s not a day for politics, and we would expect that any American, whether they’re elected or not, would stand with us in our commitment to going after and fighting and killing those terrorists wherever they live, and to honoring the memory of service members,” Psaki said.

The State Department also said Blinken was focused on U.S. evacuations and the Aug. 31 deadline set by the Taliban. The U.S. said Friday night it had struck back at the ISIS K group it says was responsible for the Kabul airport carnage.

The Pentagon said a drone strike took out two ISIS K “targets” in Afghanistan in response to the deadly attacks.

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