EASTON — Representatives of the Anne Arundel Medical Center along with state and local representatives celebrated the opening of a new medical facility in Easton Tuesday, May 14.

The 24,000-square-foot pavilion, located at 28438 Marlboro Ave., will offer same-day primary care appointments along with a wide variety of new specialty services — including cardiology, neurology and orthopedic surgery.

AAMC President and Chief Executive Officer Victoria Bayless said the facility would offer specialty services in endocrinology, general surgery, along with a visiting neurologist.

Pelvic health specialists along with OB/GYN services will also be available through the pavilion, she said.

Bayless said the new pavilion will offer a variety of imaging services and physical therapy services. Bayless said in the future, AAMC hopes to extend the pavilion to build an ambulatory surgery center, which would specialize in same-day surgical procedures.

Dr. Kevin Stitely, a surgeon with the AAMC, said moving his practice from an independent one to AAMC was because he wanted to stay local.

“Their immediate response back was, ‘We don’t want you to leave. We want you to be a part of the community and delivering as much care as you can, locally,’” Stitely said.

Stitely said a benefit of the pavilion is its utility; offering multiple services at one location. The return of lab results, physical therapy and other clinical services in one location is another “patient satisfier,” he said. Physicians could, in theory, send a patient for x-rays and have a physician read them in real time.

“Eventually, whenever we are able to open up the surgery center, we will be able to do a majority, if not all of, the outpatient surgery procedures that we do now at the hospital, locally,” Stitely said.

Stitely said as a physician, he will be able to interact with colleagues on a daily basis throughout the pavilion.

Stitely said it was important to remember that physicians working from the pavilion were locals themselves. Colleagues who do travel to work want to work in Easton, he said.

“Many of us have raised families here, we know our patients, we know our patients’ families, we know the medical community,” Stitely said. “We’re not just a bunch of people coming in and working and leaving at the end of the night.”

Talbot Chamber of Commerce President Alan Silverstein said he was wearing two hats, also representing Easton Mayor Bob Willey, along with the Easton Town Council.

“So from the mayor and the town council, I want to tell you how excited we are to have this new facility up and going,” Silverstein said. “It’s a great tribute to the quality of the people who already have been working here at AAMC and for them to have a great facility to work out of.”

Silverstein also said with an aging community, the best medical services are needed. Having a central medical center makes “us a stronger community,” he said.

Sen. Addie Eckardt, R-37-Mid-Shore, conferred a senatorial citation to Bayless and the center.

Eckardt, who has 40 years of experience as a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, said for years people on the Eastern Shore had been traveling across the bridge to work and for their medical care. Now, Eastern Shore residents who did so could “come home early,” she said.

“It takes a creative team to see this kind of a project come to fruition,” Eckardt said. “And (Stitely) is exactly right, when you put everybody in the same space, somehow you get a different kind of quality and continuity of care. It makes it a lot easier on the patient, and the patient’s family; and that’s what it’s all about.”

Del. Johnny Mautz, R-37B-Talbot, said it was an exciting day for Talbot County and the Mid-Shore. He said the facility would be an enormous addition to deliver care, locally. He also presented a citation from the Maryland House of Delegates.

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