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CHESTERTOWN — The town’s newest police officer is on paid medical leave after she and another person were injured in what preliminarily appears to be an accidental discharge of the officer’s department-issued handgun, Chief John Dolgos confirmed Tuesday.

Chestertown Mayor Chris Cerino and Town Manager Bill Ingersoll have been notified, Dolgos said.

The incident occurred Friday, Feb. 5 in Anne Arundel County. The police department there is conducting an investigation.

Detective Chris Pavon is heading the administrative investigation for the Chestertown Police Department.

Chief Dolgos identified the officer as Arooj Khan, 30, who has been with the CPD for about four months.

Khan is a June 2020 graduate of Anne Arundel Community College’s Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute.

Dolgos said Khan, whose first day on the job was Oct. 3, is nearing the end of her on-the-job training with a certified field training officer. The Maryland Police Training Commission-mandated field training for an entrance-level officer is 240 hours, according to Dolgos.

Khan lives in Annapolis.

She was in a chiropractor’s office for an appointment when the incident occurred, Dolgos said.

According to the preliminary investigation, Khan was shot in the hand when her weapon — a 40-caliber Glock 23 pistol — accidentally discharged.

She was the only person in the room.

The bullet went through a wall and a fragment struck another person, according to the preliminary investigation. That person suffered minor injury and refused medical treatment, according to police.

Khan was transported to the Curtis National Hand Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, where she underwent surgery.

Dolgos said police in Anne Arundel County notified him of the incident in the early afternoon of Feb. 5.

He said he has spoken on the phone to Khan, but only to check on her. There has been no discussion about the incident, the police chief said, because he does not want to jeopardize the AACPD’s investigation.

Khan is recuperating at home.

Anne Arundel County police are expected to interview Khan by the end of the week, according to Dolgos.

This story has been updated to say that police in Anne Arundel County are investigating the incident. Originally it was reported that police were conducting a criminal investigation.

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