WORTON — A note threatening violence found Monday, Nov. 18 led to students sheltering in place at Kent County High School until dismissal, according to an email notification signed by Principal Dale Kevin Brown.

The note was reportedly found during the first lunch shift, at about 11:15 a.m., Brown wrote. He said administrators were made aware that a note with threats of violence was discovered by a student.

It was reported to School Resource Officer Scott Metzbower of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office.

“We take this type of behavior very seriously. All available staff were deployed and stationed in hallways while students were immediately directed to shelter-in-place,” Brown wrote.

Students were reportedly escorted throughout the building. The escorts continued through the dismissal process, Brown wrote.

“At no time were students in danger, nor was there any need to evacuate the building. Students were released to parents with proper identification and bus transportation ran on the normal schedule,” Brown wrote.

Sheriff John F. Price said a female student reported to Metzbower that she had found a note in a girls bathroom in the 300 wing of the school — near the cafeteria and Metzbower’s office — threatening violence.

Price said the note is being processed for evidence.

The sheriff said the school was neither searched, nor evacuated. He reportedly dispatched DFC Richard Strong to the high school for the remainder of the day. Capt. J. Brian Kirby also responded.

Price said he probably would have additional deputies at school the following day as a precaution.

“I don’t have any reason to believe it’s not safe to go to school,” he said, though, on Monday.

All afternoon activities were canceled Monday, which included winter sports practices.

The investigation is continuing. As part of that investigation, police are viewing footage from the school’s video cameras.

Metzbower reported to Price that about 150 students were picked up by their parents Monday as a result of the incident.

“Please be assured that the safety of our students and staff is our utmost priority. Thanks greatly for your support,” Brown wrote in his email notification.

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