KAH establishes Transitional Housing Program

CHESTERTOWN — Every day, Kent Attainable Housing recognizes more deeply both the plight and the determination of families who come to the organization seeking the opportunity to experience the American dream — to own their own home.

Every one of the more than 50 applicants presents a unique history, along with unique needs, a news release from KAH states.

However, the majority are hard-working single mothers who need safe, stable housing as they strive to improve their financial situation and qualify for mortgage financing. This is particularly difficult considering the rising costs of construction, home sales inflation and an expensive rental market with low supply, the release states.

As a direct response to these market conditions and feedback from applicants, KAH is establishing a transitional housing program to offer rentals at below-market-rate rents to applicant families who are moving closer to the prospect of homeownership but are not quite ready.

This addition to KAH’s programming will allow families to work on their financial goals while residing in a safe, secure and comfortable space.

These KAH applicants agreed to share their stories.

Ms. R, who is a single mom with two children, lives in an apartment that has increased in rent and will soon be sold. According to her landlord, she has no choice but to search for a new place to live in the upcoming year. Ms. R works two jobs as she prepares to purchase a home.

Ms. H, with her newborn daughter, resides in a Section-8 home with black mold. They both have asthma, and she hopes to find a place that is better for their health. She works for a local organization that serves people with developmental disabilities. Ms. H has completed all of her courses virtually for KAH, including the First Time Homebuyer Course, Credit Maintenance and other financial courses.

Throughout the previous two years of serving applicants through case management, partnerships with local service providers and educational programming, KAH has developed an understanding of the level of preparation and support that is needed to help families purchase a home, the release states.

Subsidized transitional rentals, in addition to the current housing programming, will position KAH to have a comprehensive impact on families who enter its program.

KAH has identified its first transitional home, which will be renovated. Then, with the community’s support, KAH will develop additional transitional rentals, meeting a unique need here.

Transitional rentals are nonexistent in Kent County and, by helping KAH purchase such properties and reduce the cost of renting, supporters will give the organization’s families another step on the path to homeownership, the release states.

Visit kentattainablehousing.org to learn more or make a donation.

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