CHESTERTOWN — Inflatable Santas, reindeer and elves seemed to be everywhere.

Buildings were lit up in colors of red, green, white and gold.

Wreaths festively tied with satin bows hung from front doors.

We even know of one town resident who dressed up a restored outhouse in her backyard with a string of twinkling lights and a wreath.

That’s to say it sure looked like Christmas here, even if it didn’t feel like it due to coronavirus-related restrictions.

For the umpteenth year, the Town of Chestertown held a Christmas decorating contest that awarded cash prizes — $50 for first place and $25 for second. Council members judged the residences in their respective wards.

Mayor Chris Cerino announced the winners at the Monday, Jan. 4 council meeting. They are listed here.

First Ward: Barbara and Frank Creegan, 213 Waldo Drive, first; and Alva Dorsey, 123 Philosophers Terrace, #14 trailer, second.

Second Ward: Chesterton Garden Club, first; and Joan and Darrell Craig, 305 S. Queen St., Chestertown.

Third Ward: Anthony Reed, 322 Devon Drive, first; and John Anderson, 102 Devon Drive, second.

Fourth Ward: Amy and Matt Crouch, 115 Elm St., first; and Shelia and William Lepter, 201 Glen St., second.

During ward reports, as the two-hour council meeting was coming to a close, Second Ward Councilman Tom Herz publicly recognized his contest winners.

Herz said Fountain Park looked “spectacular” thanks to the Chestertown Garden Club.

He said he chose the Garden Club because of all the work its members did on the front end. They made wreaths and garlands in a barn and worked in small groups, creating schedules in order to follow the social distancing recommendations of health experts.

“I think it was really important to mention them because it’s a tradition. It’s something that we all look forward to, to see the town decorated and especially Fountain Park. And they really worked hard to get that done,” Herz said.

Honoring traditions was the theme of Herz’s winners.

Joan and Darrell Craig, for another year, painted almost 100 ornaments on old oyster shells and hung them on doorknobs.

Neighbors on Queen, Cannon and High streets look forward to it every year, said Herz, who lives on Queen Street.

“It’s just another tradition that we didn’t lose during the COVID pandemic,” he said. “Even though we’re going through tough times, the good things that happen in this town still continue to happen.

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