Chestertown's budget workshop is Nov. 13

Ernie Maher tells the Chestertown council on Monday night that he thinks it would be a tragic loss for the town to give up its police department.

CHESTERTOWN — The council meeting here Monday night was more like a sprint than a marathon, with Mayor Chris Cerino gaveling it to a close in 26 minutes.

The newsiest items were notices of a Nov. 13 workshop to discuss the budget results for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2020 and ethics training open to the public at 10 a.m. Nov. 15 in the second floor meeting room of town hall.

The budget workshop at 5 p.m. also is open to the public, which can observe but cannot participate.

By unanimous vote, the council reappointed Barbara Creegan to the Zoning Board of Appeals; appointed Kurt Smith to the Historic District Commission; and granted permits for Main Street Chestertown’s Dickens of a Christmas festival Dec. 6-8.

Town Manager Bill Ingersoll read a letter from Bob Knapp of the Chestertown Lions Club thanking the town for its longstanding support and help with the Lions’ annual Halloween parade.

Ward reports were short.

Cerino spoke briefly about last week’s dedication of the completely overhauled Port of Chestertown Marina and expanded three-day Downrigging Weekend, which were well attended.

“I just hope people were downtown Friday, Saturday and Sunday to see the return on investment that having a marina like that brings to the town,” Cerino said. “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent in Chestertown over those three days.”

Audience member Ernie Maher told the council that he thought it would be a tragic loss for the town to give up its police department.

“It’s been my impression where towns have a mayor, a town council and a police department, there’s a real pride in their town and an effort to do things together, to work together,” he said. “In small towns, the police department is their friend. They protect the families, they are looked at as part of the group, whereas in big cities, they’re the enemy.”

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