Based on how he pulled on the leash, tore up his toys, and refused to listen to even the most basic commands, it was clear that Arthur hadn’t been taught any manners before he came to the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County.

While not uncommon, poor behavior does make it more difficult for an animal to be adopted — especially when that animal is a pit bull. So, shelter staff set out to improve Arthur’s chances.

Each day, staff worked with Arthur to correct his conduct; prompting him to sit before opening his kennel, ensuring they are the first to leave it and encouraging him to walk alongside his handler rather than pulling them along to whichever spot he wants to sniff next.

It quickly became clear that Arthur is a fast learner. While it took time and patience to get there, he now knows his commands, and his leash manners are superb!

This 1-year old is a bouncing ball of sweet pup energy. Arthur loves to take off running in the shelter’s big yard, so staff think he’d do best in a home with a fenced-in yard. He gets along well with other dogs, and does great in playgroups with dogs his size. This aloof, playful pittie enjoys people and their company, and staff hope his new home will keep up the progress on his training.

Give Arthur a chance to show you what he’s learned by heading to to submit an application. Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, staff will set up an appointment with you!

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