Pet of the Week

Muddy Buddy became a staff favorite as soon as he waddled his squat and sturdy little body through the door. This one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is a lover, delighting in cuddles, belly rubs, and ear scratches. He will toddle around the play yard for a few paces before plopping his big head in your lap. All of this makes him just as sweet and cheering as the chocolate-peanut butter-powdered sugar snack he’s named after. Even the veterinarian was enamored with him!

Staff have observed he is easily startled by loud noises, such as the sound of gunshots that carry across the farm field from faraway hunters. Since his arrival, though, Muddy Buddy has never been heard to make a noise himself. When in his room, Muddy Buddy simply sits patiently, staring at the colorful wall of his kennel. His delight upon seeing one of the staff when they come to greet him is always obvious!

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