Pet of the Week

Lucy is a cat in need of a good home. For more information, visit the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County’s website

Often when an animal enters the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County, they are given a name by the staff.

The name is usually silly-think: Microwave, Butter Bean, Platypus, Juice Box. When you care for over 500 animals a year, the names are bound to get crazy.

But when a 14-year-old, orange, declawed cat came to the shelter, the name Lucy seemed right.

Lucy, meaning “of light,” is just that — a bright beam, and it isn’t just because her fur is the color of marigolds.

This lady has surely never met a stranger.

Affectionate, gentle, and cuddly, Lucy’s pleasing personality is just what you need to keep the early dark evenings from getting you down.

Even with 14 years under her paw, Lucy is still as vivacious as many of our kittens. Sure, she has liver spots, a few missing teeth and cataracts, but who doesn’t show some wear at that age?

When Lucy arrived at the shelter, she was severely matted, and it was determined she would have a better chance of happiness and healthy fur if it all came off.

Now, the rest of her golden coat is coming back better than ever, and the staff hopes her future home will assist her in it’s upkeep.

If you’d like to bring this small sun into your life, head over to to submit an application for Lucy.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, the staff will set up an appointment with you.

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