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CHESTERTOWN — On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 6, 11 participants including three families and their children gathered in Wilmer Park to read and listen to the “The Circle,” according to a news release.

The play written by Hope Clark is about the process of recovery from addiction.

Teverly Ann Swinson of SmalltownsBIGARTISTS is working with Clark of Wheelbarrrow Productions to produce “The Circle.” Jessi Lee, Rachel Goss and Swinson read the play followed by a group conversation.

“It was insightful. It showed me who I was, who I am now and how I am finding my voice. It also touched on my relationship with my own daughter,” Lee said in the release.

“It was an amazing platform to open a discussion with kids. This play touches on a lot of the subjects; peer pressure, loneliness, insecurity, consequences, all which could open the door to conversation with middle and high school students. It’s a beautiful example of how an individual can turn life around and find redemption, hope and purpose. All in 10 minutes,” said Chrissy Chisolm of the Mission House recovery home for women in Chestertown.

The team decided to continue meeting next at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 13 to read the play again and continue the conversation. All are welcome.

Clark and Swinson also are looking for seasoned actors to perform in a recorded version of the play. Contact@wheelbarrow if you are interested.

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