ShoreRivers donates river-friendly yard to first Kent Attainable home

ShoreRivers staff Tim Trumbauer and Darran Tilghman earlier this year explore the property of the first Kent Attainable home site with Vice President of Construction Ed Minch to create a river-friendly yard that ShoreRivers is donating to the Garnet House.

CHESTERTOWN — ShoreRivers has donated a river friendly yard to Kent Attainable Housing’s Garnet House, its first home located across from Garnet Elementary School on College Avenue in Chestertown.

In keeping with the organization’s mission to assist landowners, towns and communities in funding and developing innovative pollution-reduction projects, ShoreRivers will provide the concept and the native plants, specifically tailored to the location, according to a news release.

“We are very grateful to ShoreRivers for this wonderful contribution. Not only will it create a very attractive streetfront, but it will serve as a model for other homeowners who put a priority on conservation,” said Lani Seikaly, president of the Kent Attainable Housing board of directors.

Volunteers will do the planting to create a low-maintenance yard that will serve as a demonstration of good land and water stewardship, the release states.

“ShoreRivers is so excited to partner with Kent Attainable Housing on its first home, and to collaborate with a family to become good stewards of our waterways. The river-friendly yard we are co-designing will mimic the natural environment to benefit water quality, native species, and our local ecosystem,” said Darran Tilghman, ShoreRivers director of community engagement.

River friendly yards feature colorful and low-maintenance native plants, create bird and pollinator habitat, improve soggy lawns and basements and help to restore water quality in Eastern Shore waterways, the release states. ShoreRivers 24-page booklet ”River Friendly Yards” contains tips, strategies, recommended native plants and illustrations. It can be found at

”In a time when it is easy to feel despondent about our environmental future, this is a hopeful truth: stitching together small habitats into conservation corridors may make the essential difference we need for all species, including our own, to thrive. Each of us can make positive change in our own backyard while enjoying beautiful, resilient native species,” Tilghman said.

To date, more than 24 applicants have turned to Kent Attainable Housing in search of affordable housing. The first Kent Attainable home is in production at the Beracah plant and scheduled to arrive Oct. 26. Volunteers will complete the home and landscape the grounds.

Kent Attainable Housing has secured a second piece of property to begin construction for another family.

More information about ShoreRivers can be found at View Kent Attainable Housing’s website at kentattainable

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