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Janis is a cat in need of a good home. For more information, visit the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County’s website,

As the winter chill begins to settle in, Janis has already made the proper preparations for the cold months ahead. This cat likes nothing more than to cozy up under the bed covers. As a Grade A blanket fort builder, Janis contents herself to curling up in any spot she deems comfortable.

For this reason alone, Janis could be called a superb snuggle buddy. Add in the fact she’s soft, quiet and in a constant state of tranquility, and you’ve got a winner. So long as you have an ample supply of quilts, pillows and comforters, this tuxedo with evergreen eyes won’t take long to snuggle down in her new surroundings.

Janis was brought to the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County with two other cats from a home that had more animals than the owner could care for.

Soon after she settled in, Janis started to show signs of an upper respiratory infection. She was down with a kitty cold for several weeks. During her treatment in our cat isolation room, she could always be found beneath the folds of several cat beds. While the staff felt sorry for her, there was no denying that the sight was absolutely adorable.

Now that she’s feeling better, Janis has adjusted well to shelter life, but we know she would feel even better in a home of her own. She gets along well with other cats, and would be gentle with kiddos too.

Have room in your blanket fort for Janis? Head over to to submit an application.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, we will set up an appointment with you.

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