EASTON — Mid-Shore Pro Bono’s board of directors has announced Sandy Brown is stepping down after serving as the nonprofit legal assistance organization’s longest standing executive director for the last 13 years.

In a news release, Brown said her greatest achievements at Mid-Shore Pro Bono (MSPB) include expanding the organization’s reach on the Eastern Shore and leading the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every organization’s natural evolution is for the first generation to give way to the second,” Brown said. “After months of thought and introspection, I feel it is time for me to make this move and allow the energy and vision of MSPB’s next Executive Director to carry the organization.”

Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature from the University of New York at Binghamton. She spent most of her career in leadership and sales roles.

Brown said the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a greater demand for pro bono legal services on the Shore. She said MSPB assisted more than 3,000 people in 2020 with legal issues ranging from landlord-tenant disputes to personal bankruptcy.

“With less than 1% of practicing Maryland attorneys living on the Eastern Shore, access to legal services is critical,” Brown said.

MSPB and a network of lawyers provide free or reduced-fee legal services for those who need help, and are committed to ensuring equal access to legal assistance for people in the local communities.

“Serving the local community is the central tenet of our mission,” said Tim Abeska, president of the MSPB board. “The persistence of COVID on the Eastern Shore has created more hardships for more people. We’re here to help with legal assistance for all matters, while we seek our new Executive Director.”

Abeska said Brown “has been been a highly effective and steadfast leader for more than 13 years and has been central to the organization’s growth.” He said Brown plans to continue in her role through December to help with the search for a new director and the transfer of leadership.

“Every member and client of MSPB has encouraged and inspired me, and our staff, to do the most for those with the most need, and often the least opportunity,” Brown said. “I am forever grateful for, and proud of Mid-Shore Pro Bono’s tireless staff and the resilient communities we work with.”

MSPB was established in 2005 by local judges and lawyers to create an agency dedicated to helping the Mid-Shore’s low-income residents obtain access to legal assistance. It has offices in Easton, Chestertown and Salisbury. Learn more at midshoreprobono.org.

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